Controlled World

Personal Freedom


  • Impulsive but traditional

  • Competitive

  • Conventional


Comfort Zone

More Values than Logic. More Facts than Concepts. More Logic than Concepts



  • Work Harmony
  • Systemic Thinking
  • Precise
  • Acknowledging
  • Exactness
  • Organizing People
  • Humor
  • Dedication
  • Curious
  • Background Information


People with this style may be inaccurately perceived as:

  • Too nice

  • Talks an issue to death

  • Overly sensitive

  • Providing unwanted help

  • Too much need for harmony

  • Doesn't fully appreciate contribution of others

Leader Behavior

  • Listening to all ideas, persuading dissidents to comply, and gaining overall support for the solution

  • Allowing others to lead whenever possible

  • Expressing ideas different from the group's, but then going with the majority

  • Setting an atmosphere where everyone understands their importance to the team

  • Cooperatively defining tasks and structures; determining who on the team will address these tasks

  • Working to achieve consensus and closure by following the agenda and honoring time commitments


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