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Start the Journey to Becoming a Better Team

Before starting out

A few basics
  • Create at least one community (an enterprise is made up of communities)
  • Set up the GPS4Teams community members
  • Create at least one team and team navigator (admin)


  • GPS4Teams makes it easy to connect with Community members and see their Psychographic profile
  • Community members can search and get team related information about anyone in their Community
    • Contact Info
    • Tags
    • Badges


  • An enterprise can use multiple frameworks
  • An enterprise can create a custom framework
  • Each framework has an associated assessment or questionnaire which will be taken by team members


Team Basics

  • Members - take behavioral profile assessment in Interact
  • Decide on Framework - which one(s) and cadence
  • Where do we want to get better - feedback and cadence
  • Feedback from outside the team - which stakeholder groups and cadence
  • What do we want to celebrate - badges specific to our team
Cadence - for continuous improvement towards becoming a high performance team

A word about roles

  • Community Leader – look across all teams in the community

  • Community Navigator – admin function

  • Team Leader – look across all team members in the team

  • Team Navigator – admin function

  • Team Member – take assessment, give feedback, view everything.  Can be member of many teams

  • Stakeholder – answer “Net Promoter” question on Cadence

  • Coach – view dashboard, post guidance, does not take Assessment(s)

Stakeholder groups

  • Customization
  • Not team members
  • Answer 1 "net promoter" question per cadence period
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