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We have three personal assessments. 


When registering or from settings, you can choose your favorite by entering the code or use all three!

Social Style code:



Personality Type code:


Competing Values code:


click on menu.png

How to Enter Your Code

Select the menu icon at the top right.

Select Account Settings

From the Account Settings menu, you can change your profile, privacy, enter a new activation code or select your default framework.

account settings.png
enter code.png

Enter Activation Code

Listed above are activation codes that will unlock different frameworks.

You can enter one or all three!

Social Styles:  ssbydefault

Personality Type:  ptbydefault

Competing Values: cvbydefault

Select Preferred Framework

From the drop down menu at the bottom, select your preferred framework.

select framework.png

Select Update

Once you select update, you will be able to take the newly added assessment.

take assessment.png
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