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- Our Mission -

To take team-building and leadership training and tools out of the conference room into real life.


At GPS4Leaders, we are passionate about solving hard problems faced by teams and leaders in today's environment.  Historically, issues within a team were solved by bringing in a consultant to work with you for a day, a week or a month to create a road map to success.  But, after the engagement is over, it's back to business a usual. 

We want to approach the problem of leadership in a more modern way and transform the team and leader's road-map into a GPS for success. 

Our leadership team consists of people from all walks of life.  Our subject matter experts have over a 100 years of combined experience coaching high-performance teams in billion dollar industries.  We have worked with universities to validate our research and assessments.  We combine coaching and leadership expertise with decades of tech and data analysis experience to produce a true leadership GPS.

We don’t have all the answers.  We’re growing and learning.  We would love to have your team onboard so we learn together.

Meet the Founders


Rick Stallings

Rick has decades of consulting experience beginning with Andersen Consulting where he spent 25 years and other international professional services firms.  

Rick continues to work with large companies in a consulting capacity but spends time learning from the other members of the GPS Founders how great teams can change the world.


Ron Potter

Ron spent the first decade after graduating from the University of Michigan working as a schedule manager and projector manager on engineering projects worth up to one billion dollars each.

The second decade Ron started a microcomputer software company and then ran a larger mini-computer firm focused on publishing and project management.

The following three decades of Ron’s career was focused on coaching and consulting with corporate leaders from CEO down to Vice President as well as leadership teams.

The most recent decade has been focused on GPS4Leaders, providing an App to perform a large percentage of the Couching and Consulting work.


Mark Stallings

Mark leads the Client Success Team at GPS4Leaders.  He has been heavily involved with the design of the apps.  Mark has over a decade of experience working with leadership teams to create impactful presentation and sales collateral. Mark is passionate about people and design and creating the best possibly experience for the end user.


George Azrak

George Azrak is technologist focusing on delivering superior value through Information Technology Solutions.  He is focused on any type of problem solving through well-tuned communication, in depth technical expertise, and proven leadership skills.  He worked in a variety of fields nationally and internationally. 



Gary Baker

Gary is an experienced C-level executive, serving as a Chief Information Officer for three different organizations in three different industries. He also served as a Chief Technology Officer twice, Chief Information Security Officer twice, IT Strategy and Innovation Leader and Chief Data Architect as well as a Director of a small publicly traded bank holding company.  He co-founded a number of small businesses and is the co-host of the Internet Advisor weekly radio show now in its 23rd year on WJR 760AM-Detroit.


Fritz Seyferth

Fritz has decades of experience as a key member of “teams” that have succeeded at the highest level. He uniquely combines a systems engineering mindset with a deep understanding of what motivates people to excel. This life journey has produced client relationships that go beyond being an advisor, to being a trusted confidant.


Jim Richardson

Jim is one of those exceptional leaders who has a passion for growing others in service of a common goal bigger than either of them. Jim’s unprecedented success as Head Coach for Women’s Swimming at the University of Michigan combined with his passion for developing others to their natural potential provides the foundation in building a team of Executive Coaches.

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