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Navigate Your Team to Greatness

Our app is like having a GPS for teams in your hand.

The World is Changing

More teams than ever are virtual, multi-cultural, multi-generational or contract workers in the gig economy.

How do you engage a team and inspire change in this new work environment?

Where are you now and where are you goin

Where are you now?

Assessments backed by research and experience gives you a picture your team and its members.
Collect feedback from the team to to measure progress.
Coaching and guidance allows you, as a leader, to interpret the results and put what you've learned into action.

Where would you like to be as a team?

Think G.P.S. for your team


Gather data through assessments and on-going feedback.
  • Decades of university-backed research and real-world experience working with high-performance teams is baked into each assessment
  • Gather information about each individual team member
  • Learn how the team views itself over time with ongoing feedback
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Process the data and be able to react to the results as a team
  • Learn how to analyze the data gathered by the assessments and feedback
  • Create actionable items as a team based on the information gathered
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Create a structure for your team that is open and addresses potential issues safely and effectively
  • Become more disciplined as a team to be able to confront issues as they arise and bring to light hidden issues
  • Structure your team's environment around constant feedback to truly reach high-performance
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It's always with you, it's an app, it's more than a coach with some assessments who trains your team for a day or a week.  It's on-going, real-time and measurable over the life of your team and the career of the members.

It isn't one-and-done

What are people saying about GPS4Leaders?

"Everyone walked away with a positive outcome of the exercise, new insights into other people and how they work/learn/react and how important trust and respect is within the team."
"I believe that the team is much stronger because of this – because differences were recognized, talked about and faced."
"Thank you for helping me bring this to the team – I am anxious to follow up with the Pulses, and in two months with another assessment!"
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Where will your journey take you?

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